As a Technology Solution Provider, you want to create awareness on the latest hospitality technology trends. You know that sustainability & technology drives the future of hospitality business, the possibilities of increased internet penetration can help bring about a shared sense of security and connectivity in the system of digital hotels and result in ultimate guest experience post Covid-Era.


Technology enhancements enabling guest well-being

  • Re-Imagine Information Distribution Process: Future Interaction flow of guests & services.
  • Balancing the formula of Hygienic & Tech-driven services.
  • Technology insight: Predictions and Analysis on Guest behaviour post Pandemic.
  • Re-structure work methodologies: Perform modifications to SOP & SLA
  • Hotel Technology & Guests: Fun with Technology – Reshaping thoughts through innovative attraction.


⚙  Chief Information Officers

⚙  Chief Technology Officers

⚙  Chief Digital Officers

⚙  Directors of IT

⚙  Directors Hotel Systems

⚙  Directors of Technology

⚙  Directors Information Security

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