We all believe that the crisis is an opportunity. Hoteliers understand the short-term challenges and long-term opportunities to hotel costs & profit and aims to create a roadmap to the recovery of the hospitality industry.


  • Hotel Distribution and Strategic Revenue Optimization post pandemic at high operational cost.
  • How will distribution tactics change post pandemic? Would you want to be on the shelf everywhere or have a more focused approach on channels and distribution strategy?
  • The pivotal performance of Revenue Departments throughout the pandemic: Analysis, Predictions & Forecasting of Market Recovery.
  • Hotels digital print: Revenue utilization through solicit reviews & online reputation.
  • Luxury Class & Economy Class: Is this an opportunity to restructure your strategy and maximize revenue from a specific class?
  • The pandemic created a disruption in revenue and inability to forecast future growth. Would creating a clean slate be the best option for Revenue departments?
  • With the effect that covid-19 had on OTA’s, how can hotels regain their market share in distribution and be the first port of call for travelers?
  • Hospitality Marketing Strategies: Revamping experiences & restoring guest confidence towards reviving hotel revenue.
  • Focused Revenue Streams – “Leisure Travel and Business Travel”


⚙  Hotel Owners

⚙  CEO’s

⚙  General Managers

⚙  Chief Operating Officers

⚙  Vice president Marketing

⚙  VP Sales & Distribution

⚙  Director Revenue Management

⚙  Director Sales & Marketing

⚙  Director Partnerships